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David Croteau

Tucson, Arizona-based David Croteau is an outspoken Holocaust denier, a longstanding conspiracy monger, and a recently appointed Pima County government official who pushes antisemitic propaganda. When confronted about his vile beliefs, Croteau doubles down on his Jew-hatred and anti-Zionism.

David Croteau, also known as Green Party Dave, is also a former member of the far-right group the Oath Keepers. It is rumored Croteau’s ardent antisemitism was so grotesque that the Oath Keepers decided to part ways with him in 2017. Before being removed from the Oath Keepers, Croteau was arrested, charged, and found guilty of assault, trespassing, and disorderly contact for weeks of aggressive stalking and unhinged rants against an Army recruitment office. 

In a 2014 Facebook post, Croteau insinuated Americans have been misled about the truth about Adolf Hitler, claiming the stories did not “add up” and shares a link to a YouTube video titled, “Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told.” He also denies the Nazi regime committed mass genocide against the Jewish people. 

Croteau is an avid 9/11 conspiracy theorist, claiming Israel is behind the horrific terrorist attacks. Croteau shares dozens of antisemitic memes blaming one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil on Zionists and Israel. 

In 2017, Croteau wrote in a long-winded post claiming the time of American freedom is coming to an end at the hands of the Jewish cabal. He grotesquely stated the “world outnumbers the Jews, yet they are controlled by the Jews.” That same year he uploaded a meme saying Israel was the #1 enemy of America and “Zionists” are holding the government “hostage” and “controlling everyone with the financial system.”

In 2019, Croteau once again claimed Jewish power, uploading an article claiming Israel’s lobby has control of American politicians. 

During the global COVID pandemic, Croteau blamed COVID on the Jewish people in an attempt to create a New World Order. He made ludicrous statements comparing the Holocaust to the pandemic and claimed the Zionists were the ones behind COVID.

In March 2023, in a split-vote decision, the Pima County Board of Supervisors approved to appoint this Holocaust denier as a precinct committeeman. David Croteau failed to win several elections as a Green Party candidate, before being dismissed from the party due to his antisemitic views. At the time of the vote, Croteau was running as a Libertarian. In November 2022, he was declined the position, but after little debate this month, the committee moved forward with appointing Croteau to the vacant committee seat. 

How can YOU help? Email the Pima County Board of Supervisors and demand they swiftly remove David Croteau from his office!