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Dave Farina

Dave Farina, a self-proclaimed science guru, has recently generated outrage on X (formerly Twitter) by taking a grotesque and antisemitic stance against Israel and vehemently denying any wrongdoing by Hamas against Israeli civilians on October 7, 2023.

One day after Hamas invaded Israel to slaughter and sexually mutilate Israelis, Farina tweeted, “If you feel the need to tweet about one innocent dead woman in a truck but have never tweeted about the thousands of innocent Palestinians who are brutally murdered on a daily basis under an illegal military occupation, you are part of the problem.”

We learned this “innocent dead woman” was Shani Louk, a young woman who was kidnapped, murdered, and whose lifeless body was paraded through the streets of Gaza as Palestinian men cheered, spit on, and beat her corpse with sticks. Fractions of her skull were later found and returned to Israel after terrorists preyed on the emotions of her family and promised she was still alive.

On October 9, 2023, Farina shared a series of tweets that read, “If Israel didn’t dehumanize Palestinians, Hamas wouldn’t exist, that’s the f**king point. They exist BECAUSE of the blockade. The colonizers. The brutality…use your brain.”

He quickly transitioned into a Hamas apologist and claimed that Hamas did not do anything egregious and if there were any signs of aggression, Israel was to blame. On October 12, 2023, Farina shared, “Most of what you’re hearing about Hamas is fabricated, and whatever isn’t doesn’t amount to 0.1% of what Israel has done to Palestine over the past 75 years. Get your priorities straight. They’re under a military occupation. The radicalization is Israel’s fault.”

Dave Farina is also a rape denier. On January 3, 2024, Farina claimed there were no Israelis raped on October 7th. He then falsely stated that it was the IDF that raped Palestinians “all the time.” The next day, Farina doubled down on his claims by saying, “…I know that Israel is lying literally always. They are manufacturing consent for genocide by fabricating “beheaded babies” and rape and countless other things. Sorry.”

Over the 2023 Thanksgiving holiday, Palestinian protestors targeted the president of AIPAC’s home; throwing smoke grenades at his house, pouring fake blood, and placing fake baby body bags on his driveway. In response to this, Farina tweeted an antisemitic trope that insinuated Jewish control and influence while openly threatening the life of the Jewish executive. He stated, “He should be in prison with a death sentence, so stop sh*tting your pants over this.”

Dave Farina is a Hamas apologist, rape denier, and rabid antisemite. We need YOUR help in stopping his hatred – report his X/Twitter account here.