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Dalton Clodfelter

UPDATE January 26, 2023: Dalton Clodfelter has been let go from the Stew Peters show after StopAntisemitism featured his stunt last week at Florida Atlantic University and as our most recent ‘Antisemite of the Week’.

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Dalton Clodfelter is a neo-Nazi, antisemitic, bigot currently residing in Vero Beach, Florida. Clodfelter comes from a family that supports his antisemitism and he recently married into another family that also shares his views. Clodfelter’s parents, Bryan & Kimberly Clodfelter, continue to work within the Asheboro City School district and appear to be outspoken supporters of their son’s Neo-Nazi propaganda, never denouncing their son’s supremacist agenda or rhetoric. His father-in-law, Sergeant Pedro Vazquez, is a United States Army Recruiter operating out of Duma, Texas and is an open and avid supporter of his racist son-in-law and daughter. In 2019, Clodfelter also enlisted in the United States Army.

Clodfelter is an active white nationalist livestreamer where he can be heard denying the extent of the Holocaust. In a May 2022 livestream, Clodfelter asked “Can we talk about the Holocaust, please? Can we just have a discussion about it and why maybe some of the numbers are inflated? Like just question it.”

In another livestream, Clodfelter outrageously declared that he doesn’t have “any hate in [his] heart for Nazis” and proclaims that burning “sexually degenerate” books is an example of something “positive that the Nazis brought to the table in Germany in the 30s and 40s.”

Clodfelter has partnered with several white nationalists including Nick Fuentes and Stew Peters. In February 2022, Clodfelter appeared as a special guest speaker at Fuentes’ ‘America First’ conference; Fuentes was featured as an ‘Antisemite of the Week’ by StopAntisemitism in 2019. Fuentes is also known for helping antisemite Kanye West in his 2024 presidential bid; West was named the 2022 ‘Antisemite of the Year.’ Radical right-wing broadcaster Stew Peters gave fascist Dalton Clodfelter a nightly program on his network in 2022, a platform which Clodfelter uses to openly promote white nationalism. Clodfelter operates various antisemitic, bigoted social media accounts where a recent post shows him participating in blackface and slinging homophobic and racial slurs.

On January 18th, Dalton Clodfelter organized an openly antisemitic event at Florida Atlantic University. With the help of fellow white nationalist Tyler Russell, the two were canvassing the University by pushing Kanye West’s latest antisemitic agenda. Video footage shows Clodfelter referring to West’s words & actions as ‘admirable‘ and he is seen laughing and ridiculing a Jewish student to the point of tears. This is a common theme among his college/university visits.

Several brave FAU students quickly gathered & organized a counter-protest to Clodfelter, Russell, and the other accomplices who were promptly removed from campus. Clodfelter has pledged to return to other universities with the same antisemitic message in the coming weeks. He has titled this mission ‘College Campus Invasions’ with the hashtag #YeIsRight and claims to be spreading a message of ‘love.’

We need YOUR help to stop Dalton Clodfelter’s hateful rhetoric and organizational ability:

  • If you are on Twitter, report his accounts here and here
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