Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Congresswoman Cori Bush

Cori Bush, the U.S. Congresswoman representing St. Louis, projects herself as an advocate against all forms of bigotry, including antisemitism. However, a closer examination of her actions, voting patterns, and affiliations paints a different picture. Despite her alleged stance, Bush’s alliances with individuals and organizations linked to outright Jew-hatred have sparked considerable controversy and cast doubt on her commitment to combating antisemitism.

The company Congresswoman Bush keeps is deeply troubling. Among her associates is Nathaniel Davis III, also known as Aha Sen Piankhy, serves as her bodyguard. Piankhy, a self-proclaimed spiritual guru & Jewish High Priest claiming to be trillions of years old, has drawn significant attention for propagating antisemitic conspiracy theories. His assertions include baseless claims that Jews were behind the creation of COVID-19 and the subsequent global pandemic in order to “kill every last one of us.”

Bush has faced further criticism for her associations with controversial figures, including Linda Sarsour and Neveen Ayesh, both of whom have been designated ‘Antisemites of the Week’ in the past. Linda Sarsour is known for her history of antisemitic rhetoric and staunch advocacy for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which seeks to economically destroy Israel. Neveen Ayesh, on the other hand, has openly expressed support for violence against Jews and has endorsed terrorist groups like Hamas. Ayesh’s inflammatory statements, including wishing for the burning of Israelis and expressing a belief that being Jewish warrants “hanging from a rope,” have sparked outrage.

Bush also sought re-election assistance from Maher Abdelqader, an advid denier of the Holocaust. The Congresswoman’s connections to individuals with such troubling views raise serious concerns about her judgment and the values she represents as a member of Congress.

Within hours of Hamas carrying out a barbaric massacre against Israeli civilians on October 7th, Congresswoman Bush released a one-sided statement of solidarity with both Palestinians and Israelis. However, her message ultimately placed blame on Israel’s “apartheid” policies, shifting focus away from the immediate violence perpetrated by Hamas. It is unfathomable that a sitting member of Congress sided with a terror regime over America’s strongest ally.

Although incomprehensible, Bush’s voting record reflects her antisemitic associations and outlandish statements. For example:

  • On May 28, 2021, Cori Bush refused to sign her name on a letter of support to President Biden that would combat antisemitism.
  • On September 23, 2021, the congresswoman voted against the funding of the Iron Dome which protects millions of Jews and Arabs every day.
  • In June of 2023, Bush and other members of “the Squad” voted against the establishment of an ambassador envoy in wake of the Abraham Accords. This initiative would establish peace between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East.
  • On July 19, 2023, Bush voted against condemning all forms of antisemitism.
  • Bush has a record of voting against sanctions on countries like Russia. However, the congresswoman takes pleasure in supporting measures like BDS that seek to destroy the economy of Israel.
  • At the beginning of the 2024 year, Congresswomen Bush & Tlaib became the only two members of congress who voted against a resolution that would actively ban Hamas terrorists and any associates of the October 7th massacre from entering our nation’s borders.

In January of 2024, the Department of Justice announced they were investigating Cori Bush over her alleged misuse of campaign funds. We can only imagine how much of her funding was used to further the antisemitic divide in our country.

´╗┐Elected officials such as Cori Bush serve as a poignant reminder of the critical significance of elections, not only for us as Americans but also for our allies. There is simply no room for antisemitism, particularly when espoused by those occupying our highest offices.