Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Congressman Thomas Massie

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) has served in office since 2012. This week, he joined other well-known antisemites such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush and voted NO (the sole Republican to do so) on House Bill 5323 which provides $1 billion USD in supplemental funding for Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System.

The Iron Dome ensures the safety of all Israeli citizens, Jews and Arabs alike, from Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s terror rockets and missiles.

This wasn’t the first time Rep. Massie was the sole disappointing standout in his party when it came to supporting the Jewish nation.

In July 2019 he was the only Republican who failed to condemn the antisemitic Boycott, Sanctions, Divestment (BDS) Movement. He also voted against a law that designated Israel as a strategic partner of the United States.

In 2020 the “Never Again” Education bill (HR 943), which expands U.S. Holocaust education programming in schools, was up for a vote in the House of Representatives. Rep. Massie was 1 of only 5 members of Congress (out of 535 Congressional members) to vote against the bill. Following his vote, the Republican Jewish Committee pulled its support and endorsement of Rep. Massie.

Ironically, while Rep. Massie refuses to support Holocaust education in schools, he has no problem equating COVID-19 regulations to the ones imposed on Jews in Nazi Germany.

Last month, Rep. Massie tweeted, and quickly deleted, a meme outlandishly comparing vaccine mandates to numbers tattooed onto the arms of Holocaust concentration camp prisoners. Not only was Massie’s tweet insensitive to Holocaust survivors, their descendants, and the millions that fought against the Nazi regime, it also whitewashes and minimizes the atrocities and murders of millions, including the 6 million Jews who perished during WWII. As a result of Massie’s post, one of his Jewish interns quit.

Rep. Massie never apologized or acknowledged the fiasco, and was never held accountable in any way.

Rep. Thomas Massie’s voting record clearly shows his lack of support of the Jewish people and the Jewish Nation. In fact, his views are aligned with those of other notorious antisemites like Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. We are hopeful that Rep. Massie will be voted out of office in the midterm elections next November.