Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Congressman Jamaal Bowman

Congressman Jamaal Bowman (NY-16), who called for a ceasefire just days after the Hamas massacre in Israel, has positioned himself as one of the terror group’s strongest allies in Congress and has become the subject of many Jewish advocacy groups looking to have him unseated in his district’s primary election this June.

Representative Bowman faced criticism after advocating for the preservation of a mural featuring former ‘Antisemite of the Week,’ Minister Louis Farrakhan, despite the Minister’s history of making antisemitic remarks. Farrakhan’s controversial statements, including calling Jewish people “termites” and praising Hitler, have led to widespread condemnation and sparked debate over the portrayal of individuals with such divisive histories in public spaces.

A few weeks earlier, Bowman defended New York high school basketball players who made antisemitic remarks during a game, attributing their behavior to unregulated social media exposure and arguing that their actions should not have long-term consequences. “Free Palestine” and “I support Hamas, you f–king Jew.” were shouted at Jewish players forcing the aggressive student of Roosevelt High School to forfeit the game.

In January of this year, even the controversial and problematic Jewish group ‘J Street’ withdrew its endorsement of New York Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman, citing disagreements over his framing and approach, reflecting shifting alliances on the Jewish left following Hamas’s October 7 attack. This also comes after Bowman and other Squad members boycotted President Herzog’s appearance in Congress. The rescinding of this support puts Bowman in a vulnerable place ahead of the upcoming primary in his district.

Another Congressional term for Jamaal Bowman poses significant risks for Jewish Americans. Bowman’s track record indicates a concerning lack of support for Israel, emboldening hostile forces, and undermining critical alliances. To safeguard the interests of Jewish Americans and ensure Israel’s security, it’s imperative to vote for his challenger, George Latimer, in the NY-16 (map of towns below) primary election taking place on June 25, 2024.