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Christopher Pohlhaus

Christopher Alan Pohlhaus, who calls himself “The Hammer,” is an ex-Marine and neo-Nazi who leads the white nationalist group, the Blood Tribe. Based in Maine, Pohlhaus operates various Telegram channels notorious for disseminating genocidal and neo-Nazi content. He is heavily armed and openly associates with white supremacists in their mission to construct an ethno-state. He has also confessed to vandalizing numerous businesses with neo-Nazi materials.

The Blood Tribe is an extremist group operating through semi-autonomous branches in the U.S. and Canada, espousing aggressive white supremacist ideologies and openly targeting Jews, nonwhites, and the LGBTQ+ community. In 2020, the group hung dozens of white supremacist banners across the country and posted a photo of himself to social media of him stepping on the Israeli flag. 

As his following expanded, Pohlhaus organized private white supremacist gatherings, evolving into formal Blood Tribe “membership ceremonies.” In 2023, Blood Tribe members engaged in anti-LGBTQ+ protests, wearing uniforms and masks while displaying swastika flags, making Hitler salutes, and hurling racist and anti-LGBTQ+ insults. 

Pohlhaus is also a well-known white supremacist tattoo artist who claimed a comfortable income from his work in San Antonio before relocating to Maine. In July 2022, in a now deleted thread, he posted a photo of a skull-and-bones tattoo he inked on two-time ‘Antisemite of the Week’ Jon Minadeo’s arm. This skull-and-bones design, known as Totenkopf, was appropriated by the Nazis and is a popular symbol among white supremacist groups. 

Pohlhaus has also allied with Denis Kapustin, a Russian neo-Nazi, violent rioter, and paramilitary leader. Kapustin appeared in a podcast with Pohlhaus and discussed his plans to establish a neo-Nazi pipeline of volunteer soldiers from the U.S. to Ukraine.

Pohlhaus is currently leading a movement to bring neo-Nazis to Maine for the purpose of establishing a white ethno-state, which he portrays as a “peaceful project.” However, a leaked video shows Pohlhaus discussing how to target and shoot truckers in sniper operations to disrupt the United States’ supply chain. Pohlhaus promotes violent accelerationism, an ideology advocating terrorism to expedite the collapse of governments.

As a result of his vile antisemitic and white supremacist views, Christopher has lost multiple jobs, business partnerships, and representation with groups such as Venmo and TeeSpring. He was banned from Planet Fitness for wearing Nazi clothing while working out. 

Today, Christopher Pohlhaus is actively raising money for his movement through the fundraising platform GiveSendGo. StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help – email GiveSendGo and demand they sever ties with neo-Nazi Christopher Pohlhaus.