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Carolyn Yeager

Carolyn Yeager can pass for a sweet suburban Connecticut librarian but rather is a frightening Texas-based neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier who runs her own website and openly spreads her vile Jew hatred. 

Her website is filled with atrocious racist and antisemitic material, as well as draconian essays promoting highly offensive and oppressive views on woman’s duties and motherhood styles reminiscent of the Hulu hit series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘. Yeager also had a now defunct radio station, “The White Network” which was a platform describes as: “Whites talking to Whites about White interests.”

Screenshot from Carolyn Yeager’s Website promoting a “Hitler’s Table Talk” Study Hour CD

On her website, Yeager describes growing up in a “white home town” in the Midwest, the daughter of a German-American father who complained about “the dishonest Jews who cheated him and the Negroes who stole from him.” She claims she was a liberal for a time, “sympathetic to the plight of the coloreds,” but in the late 1990s began to read conspiracy literature and learned the truth about the takeover of the American monetary system “by mainly Jewish bankers.” She also states “Adolf Hitler’s goal was not world domination and enslavement, but to establish justice and fairness for Germans and to build a great German nation within a unified, anti-communist Europe”. 

From April through August 2007, Yeager was the Texas state leader of the neo-Nazi American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), a group that descended from the National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi group in the country. In a 2007 profile in the “National Socialist,” she is quoted praising Hitler, advocating the supremacy of the Aryan “race,” and claiming that the “Jews’ long-term plan is to drive us off the land and alienate us from our roots so that we will not fight.”

Yeager has tried to promote National Socialism to women. She is the author of a section called “Women and National Socialism,” on the neo-Nazi “White Knights of America” website. Attempting to sway over women to a neo-Nazi ideology, she claims that they will not have a second-class status under a National Socialist regime, they will be honored as mothers, and they will find themselves happy to couple with men who are fighting against the extinction of their race. 

After taking a tour of Auschwitz in 2010, Carolyn Yeager came to the conclusion that everything about the concentration camp is fake and published a 48-page booklet entitled ‘Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour: What the Tour Guides Don’t Tell You at Auschwitz-Birkenau’. It has been promoted by one of the largest neo-Nazi groups, Stormfront and cheered by the Barnes Review, a virulent antisemitic organization that pushes Holocaust-denial literature and fights against “Jewish political and cultural domination.”

Screenshot of a Carolyn Yeager Radio Spot claiming Elie Wiesel was never in a concentration camp and lied about his Holocaust tattoo

In her booklet, Yeager outlandishly claims “Auschwitz was not a notorious Nazi extermination camp in Poland where more than one million people were gassed to death but rather a reform, re-education and rehabilitation facility where the inmates were taught trades when not occupying luxurious [and] attractive red-brick sleeping quarters complete with mattresses, flush toilets, porcelain-covered stoves for cozy heating, and double-paned casement windows.” 

Yeager likes to host likeminded Holocaust deniers like Charles Krafft and Eric Hunt on her podcast that she shares on her website. When faced with funding issues, the three pondered the idea of joining forces with wealthy Muslim nations stating they should “get those oil sheiks that are supposed to be anti-Zionist to pony up.”

In 2018, Carolyn Yeager edited a book sold on Amazon “The Artist Within the Warlord: An Adolf Hitler You’ve Never Known”. The book romanticizes Adolf Hitler in a sickening way and attempts to paint Hitler as an artist and humanist. 

Also in 2018, Yeager attacked Journalist Mary Lane’s coverage of art collector and World Jewish Congress head Ronald Lauder calls for increased investigation of artworks looted from Jewish Europeans by the Nazis currently held in German museums.

As 2020 marks the 75th anniversaries of the liberation of Auschwitz and the 75th anniversary of the end of Holocaust, it is even more crucial to expose horrific Holocaust deniers and Jew haters such as Carolyn Yeager.