Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Carlton Williams

Carlton E. Williams is an Assistant Professor at Cornell Law School and a lifelong Jew hater who supports antisemitic boycotts, spreads antisemitic rhetoric, and supports convicted terrorists.

In his free time, Williams spends countless hours on his social media platforms spreading antisemitic libel against the Jewish people and nation, leading efforts with the antisemitic Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions Movement (BDS) and the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). He has been obsessively critical of the Jewish nation, pushing antisemitic rhetoric under the guise of Black empowerment and solidarity. As part of “Israel Apartheid Week” (IAW) in April 2018, Williams participated as a panelist in a “Black Palestinian Solidarity” event hosted by Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee. Williams falsely equates the struggles of Black Americans with Palestinians

In January 2019, Williams called for a boycott against Puma for conducting business with the State of Israel. He shared a similar tweet when calling for the boycott of Sabra Hummus as it is an Israeli product. 

Williams included on his resume as of October 2021 that he held the position of “Community Organizer/Trainer” at Palestine Legal and the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). ISM claims to be a non-violent front against the “occupation” yet been accused of supporting terrorism and has encouraged its foreign volunteers to act as human shields in cities, towns, and refugee camps.” 

Williams has been invited to give speeches and presentations at events organized by radical agitators Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at multiple chapters on university campuses. The majority of SJP chapters champion terrorists and terrorism.

Williams often dives headfirst into spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories of Jewish power and control. For example, during a 2016 SJP panel, Professor Williams stated: “This is sort of a rhetorical question. Does the Israeli lobby control the United States government or does the United States government control Israel as a proxy in the Middle East?” mimicking antisemitic rhetoric of Jewish power and control. 

Williams also makes no secret of his support of Palestinian terrorists. For example:

  • Williams tweeted “On Khader Adnan’s Hunger Strike.” Khader Adnan is a violent senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist organization.
  • In 2018, Williams shared with his followers to write a letter to then jailed terrorist, Ahed Tamimi. Ahed Tamimi frequently uses violent force against Israeli soldiers. Her father, Bassem Tamimi, is known for using children to provoke conflicts with Israeli soldiers and was imprisoned in 2011 for encouraging minors to throw rocks at Israelis.

Boycotting Israeli goods, calling for violence against Jewish people, claiming Israel has “control” over foreign governments, and comparing Israel to apartheid are blatant examples of Jew hatred according to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism.

Cornell’s Jewish students deserve to feel safe on campus, free from antisemitic bigots like Carl Williams. How can YOU help? Email Dean Jens Ohlin and demand Cornell Law School look into Professor Carlton Williams’ antisemitic rhetoric.