Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Candace Owens

Candace Owens is a conservative political commentator, author, and activist that rose to prominence for her critiques of liberal politics, advocacy for conservative values, and outspokenness on social media platforms. However, in recent months, Owens has unmasked her dormant antisemitism that ultimately led to her departure from Ben Shapiro’s platform, the Daily Wire.

Owens starting raising eyebrows in 2019 when she seemingly defending Hitler’s actions in Germany, citing “Nationalism” as a justification. Then in the fall of 2022 after disgraced rapper Kanye West issued a string of threats directed at the Jewish community, Candace Owens endorsed it. She even went as far as to rebuke Jewish individuals who interpreted the remarks as antisemitic, asserting, “If you are an honest person, you did not think this tweet was antisemitic.” She then poked fun at any Jewish person who may have been fearful over the rapper’s tweet.

Candace Owens continued antisemitic tirades include:

  • In April 2023, Candace Owens appeared on a podcast with the rapper An0maly, who has a history of spreading antisemitic libel in his music. During the podcast, Owens stated, “Dennis Prager is so warm and so likable, you don’t even think twice about the fact that he’s Jewish.”
  • In the aftermath of Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack, Owens became an outspoken critic of Israel, notably “liking” a post on social media discussing a centuries-old conspiracy theory alleging that rabbis drink the blood of Christians. This stance eventually led to her and the Daily Wire parting ways.
  • In November 2023, Candace discussed the different segregations within Israel, asserting that the Muslim Quarter is where Arabs/Muslims were compelled to reside. This highlights the podcaster’s apparent lack of knowledge regarding Israel as citizens are free to live anywhere they wish within Israel.

In March 2024, Owens made alarming remarks alleging that ‘secret Jewish gangs’ wield control and commit ‘horrific acts’ within Hollywood. She insinuated the existence of a ‘ring of Jews in Hollywood’ engaged in activities she described as ‘something quite sinister.’

Candace Owens has garnered major support from white supremacists around the globe like Nick Fuentes who praised Owens for waging a war with the Jews saying, “This [Owens] is the face of a total Jewish defeat.”

March 19, 2024 streamed on Rumble: Nick Fuentes praising Owens

The alliances Candace Owens has formed and the statements she has made aligning with antisemitic ideologies have ignited significant controversy and criticism. These alliances and remarks underscore the importance of vigilant scrutiny of public figures’ associations and statements, as well as the ongoing need to confront and challenge antisemitism in all its forms.