Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Ben Mulick – The Bigot at Bard

Ben Mulick was an undergraduate student at Bard College in New York, a researcher in the Middle Eastern Studies Department, and President of the school’s chapter of antisemitic terror supporting student group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

Mulick has also openly expressed his support for the antisemitic BDS movement and fundraised for groups linked to terror organizations. In 2018, Mulick started a fundraiser for Islamic Relief USA, an organization with ties to the terrorist group Hamas.

Mulick faced multiple accusations of antisemitism. In October 2019, he organized a protest against an event on fighting antisemitism featuring two Jewish speakers. During the protest, Mulick denounced “the normalization of ethnic cleansing on our campus” and was removed by security.

Following the protest and numerous complaints, Bard College investigated Mulick for antisemitism. Mulick, who was represented by Palestine Legal, which is not a legal entity but rather a project of the San Francisco Tides Center, claimed the allegations of antisemitism against him were an effort to “deflect from…legitimate criticism of Zionist views and policies” which he declared is a version of “extreme racism.” Fearing legal action, Brad College found Mulick not guilty of antisemitism allowing him to continue his hateful campaign against Jews.

Last month, UC Irvine student government leaders were debating over a Zoom call on whether a BDS resolution should be approved on campus. On that call, while discussing an antisemitic incident that took place on campus, Mulick atrociously accused Jews of painting swastikas on themselves to play the victim.

Such horrific antisemitic canards are often used by neo-nazis and white supremacists that accuse Jews of fabricating antisemitic episodes in order to gain sympathy from the public and advance an ulterior agenda.

Earlier this month, Mulick applauded the passage of a student government BDS divestment resolution at the University of California Irvine. Understanding how antisemitic the resolution is, the school immediately issued a statement denouncing all boycotts of the Jewish state.

Jewish students deserve the right to feel safe on campus! People like Mulick should be held accountable and reprimanded for their antisemitism.