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Antisemite of the Year 2020 Contest – Meet the Top 3 Finalists

Thousands voted to determine the finalists of the 2020 Antisemite of the Year contest. After counting the votes, 3 Jew haters emerged as top choices: radical Palestinian terror sympathizer Nerdeen Kiswani; Farrakhan’s supporter, Ice Cube; and the self-loathing Jew, Simone Zimmerman.

Read more on each of the finalists below.

Nerdeen Kiswani is a rabid Jew hater and terror supporter that attempts to disguise her vile antisemitism as anti-Israel activism.

Kiswani’s views were deemed too extreme even for her NYC Chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and she left the group.

She is infamous for calling for death to America and Israel during the Brooklyn ‘Day of Rage’ protests, threatening to set people on fire over wearing an IDF sweatshirt, and bullying Jewish students at her current Law school, CUNY.

Ice Cube is a former rapper and good friend of notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan. He constantly shares horrific antisemitic content on Twitter to his 5.3 million followers.

He falsely claims that modern day Jews are “fake” and black people are the true Israelites. This antisemitic epithet is often mirrored by hate groups such as the Nation of Islam and the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Ice Cube routinely posts graphics that suggest Jewish bankers make money off the backs of black men and that Judaism is a modern day cult.

Simone Zimmerman is the co-founder of the awful self-loathing “As a Jew” group, IfNotNow (INN) which recites Kaddish (Jewish mourner’s prayer) for terrorists.

Zimmerman has openly praised and supported for radical antisemitic groups such as the BDS movement and Jewish Voices for Peace, a radical group that is not Jewish nor for-peace.

Zimmerman was hired as Bernie Sander’s outreach director but was fired after only two days over her controversial social media posts.