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Anna Rajagopal

UPDATE January 2023: Anna Rajagopal’s Twitter account has been suspended, preventing her from further spewing her antisemitic hatred.

UPDATE June 2022: Rajagopal’s employer has parted ways with her; more here.

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Anna Rajagopal is a rising senior at Rice University in Texas, a self-described child convert to Judaism, and the newest hire of a Jewish social justice organization, Avodah. She was raised by her parents who are both Rice Professors, Collin Thomas and Asha Rajagopal, who identify as Christian and Hindu, respectively.

Anna is also a rabid antisemite that weaponizes her alleged conversion to Judaism to vilify the Jewish people and nation, endorse violence, and support the terror group Hamas via her increasing social media presence. Not only does she have a platform as the Editor-in-Chief of Rice University’s English Department’s digital publication, but now she is also astonishingly being paid to potentially spread her vitriol via her new position at Avodah.

HeyAlma by Anna Rajagopal April 7, 2021

Anna often insults the physical appearance of Jews, tweeting in 2021 “sometimes I sit here and wonder why zionists are so physically unattractive. it’s very interesting to me how ever zionist is just extremely ugly.” The vast majority of Jews globally identify as Zionists and when she was confronted about her tweet she used her Judaism as a shield to protect herself against claims of antisemitism she tweeted “im jewish and hot“.

In a separate incident she referred to Zionists as “genocidal freaks” and are “ugly, sunburnt, violence outcasts”. Her ongoing antisemitic rants recently landed her in a Twitter brawl with acclaimed actor William Shatner.

Anna often maligns the State of Israel, spreading false claims of apartheid and calls for the elimination of the Jewish state. Such claims are deemed antisemitic by the U.S. Department of State’s adopted working definition of antisemitism – the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

Anna also promotes violence against Jews, defending terrorism, and murder, tweeting – “Decolonization by any means necessary and in the most literal sense” when referencing the Israel/Palestinian conflict. In a follow up tweet a few months later she called for IDF soldiers to be punched in the face (referring to them as ‘IOF’ or “Israeli Occupation Forces,” a propaganda tactic used by radicals like our previous ‘Antisemite of the Week’ Mohammed El-Kurd.

Anna refers to ISIS terrorists who were neutralized by the IDF as “martyrs” and often whitewashes the terror group Hamas, egregiously tweeting in 2021 Hamas condemnation “always has been Zionist strategy to distract.” In a separate tweet she calls out anti-Zionist Jews who refuse to support Hamas.

Despite her vile antisemitic social media rants, ‘Avodah’ hired Anna this past week as their social media assistant. We need YOUR help – email Avodah’s CEO Cheryl Cook and demand Avodah cut ties with this rabid antisemite.