Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Amanda Seales

Unleashing a firestorm of antisemitic controversy, Amanda Seales – actress, comedian, and podcast host – has incited outrage by daily sharing blatantly bigoted content with her expansive social media following. Her vocal support for Hamas terrorists has not only resulted in her label dropping her, but has also severed numerous industry ties, igniting a chorus of denouncements from dozens of former colleagues.

She shockingly defends Hamas in an Instagram post by claiming we give “bad apple status” to the terrorists and they should be “considered people” not “the big bad wolf.” Seales argues that it is “not a fair assessment” to declare Hamas a terrorist entity. She continues that even if Hamas were the “oppressor,” they don’t have the “tools” like Israel has. Seales has yet to denounce the horrors committed on October 7th.

In previous Instagram stories, Seales uploaded an image of a tweet claiming Israel is “asserting white superiority” over Palestinians. In the videos she continues her antisemitic rant spitting on the legacy of thousands of Black and Jewish civil rights leaders who fought for freedoms and unity in this country:

  • In a heated rant, Seales shared, “The Israel state was created to have a transfer of white supremacy, you don’t see that? You don’t see the absolute racism they enact not just towards Palestinians but towards Black people? Like, them people racist.”
  • Seales argues that Israelis and their supporters are part of a “cult of colonialism” that can take whatever they please. Seales further insinuates that Jews help the Black community “from a supremacy standpoint.”
  • Seales concluded, “be careful of people whose generosity only extends from their dominance.”

In another post, Seales shared a video of children chanting “From the river, Palestine will be free.” This chant is widely understood as a call for the eradication of Israel, which is situated between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, to be replaced by “Palestine.” Seales continued her rant in a separate video where she insists that this is not a genocidal call but a denouncement of “Zionist oppression” and asserted that if Israel needs to cease to exist, “then so be it.” She concludes by stating that politicians support Israel to “get their money and power.”

Seales also shares videos from anti-Israel media outlets that deny the atrocities of Hamas on October 7th. In a video posted just three days after the massacre that likens Hamas to slaves and Israel as the slave-owners, Seales shockingly states that “terrorism is necessary” against “these white folks that are terrorizing.” She further used her Instagram story to share messages advocating for a boycott of Israel and criticizing the United States for supporting Israel during its war with Hamas.

On April 12th, Amanda Seales will join a social justice panel titled “Lift Every Voice” at the University of Maryland (UMD). She will be given a platform on behalf of “Artists for Social and Racial Justice.” StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help – email UMD’s President and demand Amanda Seales is dropped from the speaker’s panel!