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Ali Jamal Awad (aka CEO Lawyer)

Ali Jamal Awad, Esq., widely recognized as the ‘CEO Lawyer’ on social media, is an attorney with a substantial following of nearly two million. Originating from Georgia, Awad allocates his free time espousing his antisemitic views on the Jewish people and nation. His public defense of the group Hamas in his posts raises concerns about his ability to uphold the U.S. Constitution and conduct himself as an attorney in accordance with Georgia law, fostering doubts about his commitment to just and upright practices.

  • In November 2023, Ali Awad posted on Instagram: “Zionism is more terroristic than Hamas.”
  • On January 20, 2023, Awad stated: “Just because Joe Biden calls Hamas and Houthis terrorists doesn’t make it true.”
  • In the same thread, the disgraced lawyer shared: “The real terrorists are the governments of U.S., UK, and Israel.”

Ali Awad has continually denied the atrocities that transpired during the Israeli massacre on October 7th, when thousands of Hamas terrorists carried out unspeakable crimes against innocent civilians. On January 15, Awad shared multiple images that denied the murder of babies by Hamas. A few days later, he tweeted: “Hamas took Israeli hostages on October 7 to retrieve Palestinian women and children who had been illegally detained by Israel…Israel killed its own people.” Several weeks prior, the hateful lawyer claimed that Israel created Hamas, then continued that the beheading of babies was fabricated. After falsely stating that Israel bombed Al-Ahli hospital, Awad denounced the murder of Israeli babies and that he pitied the ‘militant group’ [Hamas].

Ali Jamal Awad spreads malicious lies about the Jewish people and state of Israel through blood libel and antisemitic stereotypes:

  • Awad incorrectly states Israel is actively harvesting the organs of Palestinians to collect for their ‘organ bank.’
  • On November 4, 2023, Awad touts the infamous trope of dual loyalty by sharing: “America has more loyalty to Israel itself.”
  • Upon Harvard’s firing of President Gay for the school’s failure to protect Jewish students, the attorney absurdly stated: “Israel did all of this to take control of one of America’s most prestigious universities.”
  • He further ranted that Harvard’s decision was a display of “white supremacy,” “Zionists want to prove they can take down any institution that they please,” and “white colonialism is the root of all this evil.”
  • Awad concludes after a series of mendacious remarks, “Zionism is the new face of white colonialism.”

A few weeks ago, Ali Jamal Awad was presented with a prestigious award from Georgia State University’s alumni department. GSU presents an annual “40 Under 40” celebration to honor 40 alumni who have created impactful change within their communities. Shockingly, Awad was presented with the honor. On March 22nd, GSU is honoring these nominees. Email the Alumni Department at Georgia State University to alert them of Awad’s grotesque antisemitism and how he is not the picture of an individual who embodies the values of the university.