Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Alexandra Tohme – Digital Jew Hater

Alexandra Tohme is a social media strategist operating in the Middle East. Her focus is on digital marketing strategy and lead generation for B2B brands. Despite her innocent appearance and background, her social media profile reveals her obsession and deep hatred for the Jewish people.

The ‘digital strategist’ frequently refers to Jews as ‘kikes’, a common antisemitic slur used by white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Earlier this week, Tohme was called out on Twitter for her use of the derogatory word. In response, she doubled down on her antisemitism and responded “I live next to ‘Kikestan’ what do you want me to do?” referring to the State of Israel.

In January 2021, when a social media user commented on a libel regarding Israelis spreading COVID19 to Palestinians, Tohme shamelessly tweeted “Ew a jew” with a vomit emoji.

Tohme often espouses other atrocious antisemitic tropes pertaining to Jews and money. In another Twitter post discussing her being passed up for a vehicle, she complained about her security services being cheap, tweeting “even a jew could buy them”.

When Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a historic peace agreement involving economic joint efforts, Tohme viciously attacked “wealthy greedy Jews” for daring to head to the UAE to conduct business.

Alexandra Thome’s antisemitism is atrocious and abhorrent. We need YOUR help to stop bigots like her from spreading vile antisemitism on social media! Please go to her Twitter account and report it for hate speech!