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Alana Hadid

Alana Hadid, often dubbed “the other sister,” is one of the elder children of failed Jordanian businessman Mohamed Hadid and the older sibling of Gigi and Bella Hadid. In her spare time, Alana, much like her other family members, dedicates considerable effort to spreading libelous falsehoods against Israel and the Jewish people. She actively supports Hamas’ agenda to eradicate Jews from existence. Despite her hatred for the Jewish state, Alana and her father have been filmed and photographed vacationing in various resorts in Israel.

When asked if she would condemn the terror attacks and sexual violence carried out by Hamas on October 7th, Hadid said she would “never condemn the resistance.”

Alana also has a habit of sharing antisemitic messages on her various platforms. Hadid retweeted a message that called Israelis, “sadistic barbaric neo-Nazi pigs.” Three days after the attacks on innocent Israelis, Hadid shared a tweet that claimed there was zero proof of beheaded babies.

Sharing false news to followers is a common trait of the Hadid family. When the IDF heroically rescued four hostages held captive by Palestinian civilians, Hadid quickly defended Hamas’ claims that hundreds of Palestinians were killed in the attempt to save four Israelis. Despite evidence showing that zero civilians were killed in this rescue, Hadid’s posts remain on her feeds. When a mass grave was found, Hadid was quick to claim the IDF was behind it while claiming Israelis zip tied children before killing them. The grave was found to be initially dug by Palestinians prior to October 7th.

Alana Hadid also heads the controversial new film production and distribution company Watermelon Pictures, a name that plays on the infamous watermelon symbol used in support of Palestinian violence. Marketed as a Palestinian-owned independent outfit, the company claims to focus on cultural representation and social advocacy, but its agenda is viewed by many as simply anti-Israel.

Alana Hadid, in addition to her work with Watermelon Pictures, is also a brand ambassador with OneSkin, a skincare brand.

StopAntisemitism needs YOUR help – email OneSkin CEO and founder Carolina Reis Oliveira and demand they dump Alana Hadid!

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