Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Ahmad Daraldik

Florida State University (FSU) has come under fire for its escalating Jew hatred campus atmosphere which climaxed last week with the newly appointed Student Senate President, Ahmad Daraldik, known for his “diversified” antisemitic public statements.

Daraldik was elected as a replacement for the previous President Jack Denton, a Catholic student, who was impeached and removed after his views about transgenderism and abortion were shared in a group chat on June 5th, 2020.

Ahmad Daraldik grew up in Ramallah, the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority (PA), and attended the prestigious Bridge Academy Preparatory School through 2014, available only to Americans and International Students. The school boasts a tuition price tag of $43,435 for the current 2019-2020 academic year.

Upon Daraldik’s appointment as Student Senate President at FSU, outrage ensued as some of his vile antisemitic statements surfaced. In two separate social media posts, he wrote “F*ck Israel” and “stupid Jew” as captions, and posted a fake image of an alleged Israeli IDF Soldier stepping on a young girl.

Daraldik claimed he was being “defamed” because he expressed his frustrations with the alleged Israeli racist system, which as he claimed brutally oppressed him and his family, Notwithstanding the “public pressure” Daraldik refused to apologize. 

He also created a website connecting the “occupation of Palestine” to the Holocaust, falsely stating that “the Holocaust never ended, it just moved to Palestine” as well as claiming Israel was taken away from the Jewish people because they violated the commandments of the Torah.

The website also draws a misleading comparison between the Gaza strip, an area controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas, and concentration camps in Nazi Germany. 

The U.S. Department of State adopted a definition of antisemitism which clearly states that all comparisons of the State of Israel to that of Nazi Germany are in fact antisemitic. 

Just two weeks after Daraldik’s appointment, FSU’s Student Senate put forth a motion to remove him from his position as Students’ President. 

After a five hour Zoom meeting, despite the fact that a majority of Student Senators voted to oust Ahmad Daraldik, a 2/3 majority threshold was not reached and he retained his position

The virtual meeting was supervised by VP of Student Affairs, Amy Hecht, who claimed the University had no power to act pertaining to Ahmed’s actions and comments.

We must ask ourselves why every class appears to be protected in 2020 except Jews? If Ahmed Daraldik’s social media posts stated “stupid blacks” or “stupid gays”, not only would he immediately be stripped of his Student Government position, but he would be swiftly expelled from the University. 

Florida State University’s Jewish population is estimated to be 15% of the student body; the school miserably failed to protect this group, while normalizing antisemitism and standing by Jew haters like Ahmed Daraldik. 


Email FSU’s Chancellor Marshall M. Criser III and tell him Jewish students deserve the same protection afforded to all other groups on campus!