Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Abbas Ghassemi – Obsessed Jew Hating Professor

Abbas Ghassemi is an Engineering Professor at the University of California Merced specializing in renewable energy and pollution prevention. Outside the classroom, Ghassemi was exposed operating an atrocious Twitter account polluted with over 2000 vile antisemitic tweets full of horrifying conspiracy theories.

In June Ghassemi tweeted “… reality bites!!!!!!” along with a repulsive photo of a “Zionist brain” with labels such as frontal money lobe, Holocaust memory centre and world domination lobe. At the bottom of the graphic, a footnote adds: ‘Compassion for Others’ gland is not shown due to its small and underdeveloped nature’.

That same imagery is often used by white supremacists and neo-nazis such as “Jew World Order”, a website that played on the words “New World Order” in order to peddle vile antisemitic conspiracy theories.

In response to Joe Biden’s election win, Ghassemi retweeted another Twitter user’s post and commented, “Surprise, surprise!! The entire system in America is controlled by [the] Zionist. Change of president is just a surface polish, change of veneer. Same trash different pile!”

Many of Ghassemi’s tweets used “IsraHell” in place of “Israel” such as his Twitter cover photo that contains a blood soaked Star of David.

On December 13th, he retweeted another post and added “the Zionists and IsraHell interest have embedded themselves in every component of the American system, media, banking, policy, commerce … just a veneer of serving US interest and population — everyone pretends that is the case.” Antisemitic domination canards like these are often used by rabid Jew haters like David Duke and Lois Farrakhan.

Ghassemi tweeted similar posts about Zionists and Israel controlling certain components of the United States another eight times between October and December.

Abbas Ghassemi’s social media posts are textbook examples of crude, antisemitic allegations of Jewish power and control. He dehumanizes and demonizes Jews while trivializing and mocking the Holocaust.

Despite Professor Ghassemi’s open hatred and vilification of the Jewish people, his employer, University of California Merced, is standing behind him, defending his atrocious comments as free speech!

This vile Jew haters needs to be kept far away from young, impressionable students – we need YOUR help! Email the University of California Regents Board as well as UC Merced Chancellor Munoz to demand Abbas Ghassemi is removed from his teaching position at University of California Merced!