Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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2021 Antisemite of the Year Contest: Meet the Top 10 Semi-Finalists

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Shaun King is a social justice activist who compares America’s early leaders to Nazis and openly defends antisemites such as Linda Sarsour, Louis Farrakhan, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

King argues his support of notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan has “nothing to do with antisemitism” and refers to him as a “lifesaver”. But when asked to condemn Farrakhan’s bigotry, King refused.

In 2017, he referred to Linda Sarsour as “one of the most effective, skilled, passionate organizers in the world”.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Republican Congresswoman from Georgia that was stripped of her committee assignments after her many antisemitic conspiracy theories came to light.

In one of her rants, she blamed “Jewish space lasers” owned by the Rothschild family for causing the wildfires in California

That same year she claimed, “Zionist supremacists” were conspiring to flood Europe with migrants in order to replace white populations.

Mohammed El-Kurd has a long history of glorifying terrorists, encouraging violence against the Jewish people, and spreading hatred of the Jewish nation.

In May 2021, El-Kurd obscenely wished death on the Jews tweeting “I hope every one of them dies in the most torturous & slow ways. I hope that they see their mother suffering.”

El-Kurd previously called for a third intifada and referred to Zionism as a “death cult”.

Cynthia McKinney, a former Congresswoman (D) from Georgia, frequently blames terror attacks on Jews.

This past summer she claimed Zionists were behind the 9/11 attacks, tweeting a photo of the Twin Towers burning with a hand slotting in a puzzle piece with the word “Zionists” written across it. She captioned the tweet “The Final Piece of the Puzzle.”

McKinney also engages in Holocaust denial, questioning if 6 million Jews were in fact murdered during WW2.

Andrew Torba is the founder and CEO of Gab, a social media platform that has been embraced by many neo-Nazis and radical far-right groups, including the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter.

Torba uses his platform to express dangerous antisemitic conspiracy tropes such as claiming that communism is a Jewish plot to take over the world and blaming the Jewish people for the crucification of Jesus Christ.

When his fellow antisemites lose their platforms, Torba outlandishly blames is on “Jewish Supremacy”.

Anuradha Mittal is the driving force behind Ben & Jerry’s decision to boycott over 800,000 Jews who live in 140 communities in various parts of Israel.

Mittal also uses her role at Ben & Jerry’s to funnel money through the Oakland Institute to fund antisemitic projects such as Badil, a Palestinian group with ties to terror and history of vile Jew-hatred that includes publishing Nazi-era cartoons.

Mittal describes the creation of the Jewish nation as a “catastrophe.”

Ken Roth, director of Human Rights Watch, has turned the organization into obsessive platform vilifying the State of Israel at every turn.

Roth repeatedly defends the terror organization Hamas, covers up its war crimes, and justifies its various avenues of killing and kidnapping Israelis, including through terror tunnels.

Roth also refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and often accuses the Jewish nation of false human rights violations and apartheid.

Dua Lipa, a global pop star with an audience of 65 million on social media, shares antisemitic rhetoric on social media referring to Israeli Jews as “fake” and claiming that the terrorist group Hamas is an Israeli invention.

Dua Lipa’s hateful rhetoric towards Jews became so offensive that a full-page ad was published in the NY Times blasting her, along with her boyfriend’s two sisters – Gigi and Bella Hadid, for Jew hatred. Rather than apologizing for it, Dua Lipa doubled down on her hate.

Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American former porn star, who spends her time spreading antisemitism to her 30 million social media followers.

When her antisemitic Instagram post was removed for fake news, she claimed Jews and the State of Israel were controlling America and social media through funding.

The adult film actress was caught being paid to vilify the Jewish nation and state, false claiming Israel was committing genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Trevor Noah, the host of the ‘Daily Show’, attempts to mask his sickening antisemitism as “it’s just comedy” while spreading his hatred to millions.

In May 2021, he had the audacity to tell his audience that Israel should limit her response to over 4500 terror rockets sent from Gaza.

Noah has also tweeted horrific “jokes” with antisemitic tropes including invoking German-Jewish Holocaust trauma, stereotyping Jews as wealthy, and vile misogynistic sexual commentary.

Help us select the winner and enter for a chance to win one of five $360 Amazon gift cards – vote here!