Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Tennessee Man Arrested for Antisemitic Graffiti Vandalism, Stalking Victim

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The garage doors of a Spring Hill home were vandalized with graffiti displaying a racist slur and antisemitic symbols during early morning hours on Thursday.

The graffiti was first reported by a mail carrier early Thursday and was then investigated by Spring Hill Police Department as part of a case of stalking, information officer Lt. Justin Whitwell said.

Ian Grau, 22, was arrested on Thursday and charged with counts of vandalism, stalking and civil rights intimidation. He was taken to the Maury County Jail on Thursday and was released on $4,000 bond early Friday morning .

Whitwell said the message was directed at a woman at the residence with whom Grau previously had a relationship.

The offensive images and text were covered with a coat of paint before noon Thursday.

“It is few and far between that we see that type of graffiti in the city,” Whitwell said.