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Louisiana Area Hit with White Supremacist ‘GDL’ Antisemitic Flyers

Residents of Shreveport reported receiving antisemitic flyers compliments of the white supremacist group ‘Goyim Defense League’ (or GDL) over the Christmas holiday; the group s headed up by known antisemite Jon Minadeo II.

The Shreveport Police Department says it’s aware of the situation. The department gave KSLA the following statement on Wednesday, Dec. 28th:

“We do have two reports on file in the Broadmoor neighborhood back on December 11. We have communicated with our local synagogues and their security staff and made them aware. According to our detectives, this is happening nationally and the papers/flyers are the same or similar to others across the nation. We encourage our citizens to contact their local law enforcement agencies if they find any flyers on their property or in their mailbox.”

On Thursday, KSLA’s Tayler Davis spoke with a resident who received one of the flyers, and two teenagers who made it their mission to go around their neighborhood and pick up the flyers so nobody would have to see them.

Pam Carlise said this flyer was not the gift you would expect to see in your driveway or on top of your car on Christmas Day. Carlise is talking about antisemitic flyers that were distributed over the holiday.

“When I turned it over, it was shocking and sickening,” said Carlise.

They have been popping up over the last few weeks in several neighborhoods across Shreveport, including South Highlands, Broadmoor, and other areas.

“My sister and I went to go look and see how many there were, and we picked up like 50 at first,” Carlise said.

Another resident said they collected 183 bags filled with graphic pamphlets, some of the pages blaming Jewish people for the slave trade, abortion, and immigration.

“I’m sure that there are people that are worried about their safety, and I hate that for them. Whenever hatred is brewing in a community, that never makes for a comfortable, safe community for anyone really,” said a resident.