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Washington Pro-Israel Organization Vandalized by Graffiti Saying “Free Palestine”

An organization in Sumner was vandalized over the holiday weekend with graffiti that reads “Free Palestine.”

El Shaddai Ministries at 1231 Fryar Ave. is a “pro-Israel” organization that has been in Sumner for the last 10 years, Pastor Mark Biltz told The News Tribune. On the property there are Israeli, Jerusalem, American and Washington state flags waving at the front.

Biltz said the wall that was vandalized does not have any security cameras near it. When the group met on Saturday, the wall was OK. They saw the graffiti when they returned Tuesday morning.

“It’s so shocking to see it in Pierce County,” he said.

City spokesperson Carmen Palmer said the Sumner Police Department is investigating the vandalism.

Biltz said this was not the first time the property was vandalized. Several months ago someone drew a swastika symbol onto the flagpoles outside the building, he said

He said he does not know if any other businesses nearby are experiencing the same type of vandalism.

Biltz started El Shaddai Ministries over 20 years ago. He said the organization celebrates Hebrew holidays, teaches the “Jewish roots of Christianity,” and follows the Torah, among other things.

Source: https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/community/puyallup-herald/ph-sumner/article283542533.html