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Bomb Threats Made at Multiple Jewish Centers in New York

Bomb threats across New York City have left members of the Jewish community frightened.  

Bomb threats were made at the Riverdale Jewish Center and the Shaare Zion Temple in Brooklyn on Sunday.  

The NYPD investigated these two synagogues top to bottom, and while the investigation remains ongoing, it was discovered that these threats were being made through multiple synagogues citywide. Law enforcement officials say the threats appear to be part of a series of swatting or hoax threats that have been sent nationwide. 

Members at the Riverdale Jewish Center say they are grateful those threats were unfounded, but that they are worried those empty threats may turn into action.  

Rabbi Pewnzer, of the Riverdale Center, says he has experienced his share of bomb threats over the years.

“When is it going to stop this is enough we can’t take it anymore. We are always the target and continue to be,” said Pewnzer. “We need more help and more people need to be aware that we just want to be in peace.” 

The NYPD says they plan to continue the areas threatened and continue their investigation. 

Source: https://bronx.news12.com/bomb-threats-at-nyc-jewish-centers-leave-community-members-frightened