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Pro-Palestinian Christmas March Turns Violent, Clashes with NYPD

Several people were arrested and police officers were injured when a pro-Palestinian march in New York turned ugly, with protesters clashing with New York Police Department (NYPD) officers.  Jewish watchdog organization, StopAntisemitism, shared footage of the clash to Twitter.

Hundreds of protesters turned out in Manhattan on Christmas Day for the rally, which was marked by chants for the intifada and signs reading, “While ur shopping, bombs are dropping.” 

The NYPD raised its alert level to “level three,” the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday, the second highest level in the NYPD, which involves the mobilization of additional resources and personnel, including armored vehicles.

Videos from the protests showed police officers clashing with protesters, and several arrests were made.

Protestors also descended on the homes of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan as they celebrated Christmas at home with their families. 

Protests have occurred across major US cities since Israel’s military response to the Hamas atrocities on October 7th when terrorists crossed the border into Israel killing around 1,200 people and kidnapping hundreds more.