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Pro-Palestine Activists Cancel Plan To Storm Holocaust Museum After Outcry

A newly created activist organization supporting Palestinians is canceling its plan to storm a Holocaust museum in protest against Israel after receiving significant backlash.

Doctors Against Genocide (DAG) will not be protesting as planned at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., the organization announced Tuesday on Twitter.

“We made a decision to cancel the event. We will be announcing future events with more detailed communication,” DAG posted on Twitter, with an image showing a longer statement responding to accusations of antisemitism. The group’s sign-up form ahead of the scheduled Dec. 28 protest is no longer active.

Social media users widely criticized DAG as antisemitic, in part, for deciding to stage a demonstration against Israel inside of a Holocaust museum commemorating the genocide of Jews by the German Nazi regime.

DAG is a newly formed organization, launched in the wake of Israel’s response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks against the country and its people Oct. 7, which claimed the lives of more than 1,000 innocent civilians from around the world. Over 100 people are still being held hostage by Hamas.

“Doctors Against Genocide was founded in 2023 as some of the medical community’s response to the Genocide in Gaza,” DAG’s website states. The activist group also offers action steps and educational materials on the supposed “genocide” taking place as Israel and Hamas’ war continues in Gaza.

Israel’s war cabinet reportedly met Monday night to consider a proposal from Egypt to end the war in Gaza, according to The Wall Street Journal. A top Israeli official is reportedly headed to the White House on Tuesday to discuss the next phase of the war.