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Appeal Denied for Student Accused of Posting Antisemitic Threats

A federal district court judge denied an appeal to reconsider the detention of a former student accused of posting antisemitic threats on Tuesday, Dec. 19. 

From the Syracuse courthouse of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York, Chief Judge Brenda Sannes sustained the decision previously made by the court to have Patrick Dai ’24 remain in custody at the Broome County penitentiary pending trial. The court concluded that Dai presents a risk of “non-appearance” and a “danger to any other person and the community” and can not be released.

“The Court finds that no condition or combination of conditions can reasonably mitigate these risks,” Sannes wrote in the 20-page opinion

The opinion upheld the previous ruling made last month by U.S. Magistrate Judge Thérèse Wiley Dancks on Nov. 9, which deemed Dai a risk of flight due to his history of mental health struggles and the fact that his father is currently employed in China. 

The court also cited Dai’s access to a shotgun and a katana as concerns for him becoming a danger to “himself or others.” The court rejected the arguments made by his public defender, Lisa Peebles, that imprisonment would worsen Dai’s mental state. 

Dai, who was an engineering student, was first detained by the FBI on Oct. 31, following violent antisemitic threats he posted on the website Greekrank. He has been held at the Broome County penitentiary since and will remain there until his next hearing, which is yet to be scheduled. 

Source: https://cornellsun.com/2023/12/26/student-accused-of-posting-antisemitic-threats-remains-in-custody-following-appeal-denial/