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A Bunch of Pro-Terrorist Doctors Were Planning to Storm the Holocaust Museum in DC

Is it appropriate to say these medical professionals were Dr. Mengele School of Medicine graduates because I don’t know what sick bast*rd would think this would be a good idea? The woke Left is infesting the professional world and forcing the older generations in these fields to run for cover. Case in point: this pro-terrorist rally that was supposed to be held in the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC this week. 

Yes, the calls for ceasefire were set to be chanted in a museum dedicated to remembering the infamous crimes committed by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, an event that Hamas used to influence their campaign of rape, torture, and murder in Southern Israel on October 7 (via Jerusalem Post): 

Important announcement regarding our action!
We made a decision to cancel the event. We will be announcing future events with more detailed communication.
As Doctors Against Genocide, we want to reemphasize our stance against all hate in all forms.
#neveragainforall pic.twitter.com/XjmTO4mQoq

— Doctors Against Genocide (@docstopgenocide) December 26, 2023

On Thursday, December 28, the newly formed organization Doctors Against Genocide (DAG) had plans to demonstrate at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, to protest Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, calling it a “genocide.” The event has since been canceled. 

The group called on anti-Israel activists to obtain free entry tickets to the museum so they could protest inside and disrupt the museum’s activity. At 3 p.m., the protesters are scheduled to move the protest to the White House. 


According to its website, DAG is a program of “Jetpac,” a 501(c)(3) nonprofit seeking “to build a strong American Muslim political infrastructure and increase [its] community’s influence and engagement.” 

According to the Washington DC-based newspaper Roll Call, one of the founding members of DAG is Nidal Jboor, a physician from Michigan.  

These doctors should be stripped of their medical licenses immediately. They’re terrorists. And do we trust that they won’t storm the Holocaust Museum this week? I wouldn’t. These people hate Jews. It wouldn’t shock me if they added this to their trip. Also, genocide is not happening in Gaza. What’s happening is something that Israel should’ve done almost ten years ago: the eradication of Hamas. No matter how many times you shout ‘genocide,’ it doesn’t make it so. Stop being annoying, get back to work, or self-deport back to those terrorist hellholes from whence you came.