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NYC Kosher Restaurant Attacked for 2nd Time in 4 days

A kosher Manhattan restaurant was subject to a second antisemitic attack, days after a woman dubbed the “soup Nazi” ripped down an American-Israeli flag and threw soup at a restaurant employee.

Last Sunday, a second woman attempted to cover up the flag displayed outside the Hummus Kitchen and shoved an employee, four days after the original incident.

Video of the second incident was posted to X (formerly Twitter) by the StopAntisemitism movement, which identified the perpetrator as Jeanette Suleiman.

In the first incident, a woman identified as Mayra Teke attempted to rip down the flag before throwing chairs and shouting “You are all murderers.” She then threw a container of soup at an employee who confronted her. Teke has yet to be arrested for the December 13 incident.

Restaurant owner Sharon Hoota told the New York Post that he fears for his employees’ safety, and that “The city doesn’t do anything to help us feel more protected.”

“We feel that we are left to fend for ourselves, exposed to any lunatic who comes along,” he added.