Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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More Antisemitic Graffiti Discovered in Brussels

Two days after graffiti equating Jews with the Nazis were found on footpaths in the southern Brussels commune of Uccle, a new antisemitic slogan was found written on a wall in the same neighborhood.

The inscription reads ”ASHKENAZI AXE NAZI?” Israel’s ambassador to Belgium, Emmanuel Nahshon, has directly contacted the Mayor of Uccle, where the Israeli embassy is located, ‘’who has immediately reacted.’’

Last Wednesday, after two graffiti with the words ‘’Juif=Nazi’’ (Jew=Nazi) were found on two foortpaths, the Mayor, Boris Dillies, condemned what he called the “odious anti-Semitic inscriptions’’ and said police were  investigating.

Uccle is a Brussels commune where an important part of the city’s Jewish community lives.

The number of antisemitic incidents has doubled in one year in Belgium, according to the Ministry of Justice, daily newspaper La Libre reported in mid-December.

Around 18,000 Jews live in the capital of Belgium which is also the seat of the European Union institutions.