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Georgia Woman Appalled by Antisemitic Note Left on Car Windshield

Police are looking for the person who left an antisemitic note on a woman’s car while she was at a doctor’s appointment.

Virginia Pierce-Kelly still can’t believe what happened outside her chiropractor’s office just a few days ago. She told WSB Tonight’s Larry Spruill that she was getting ready to leave when a staff member told her a woman had left a note on her window.

“I read it, and I was just shocked,

appalled, and surprised that someone would say such mean and hateful things,” Pierce-Kelly said.

According to Pierce-Kelly, the letter was on the front windshield when she walked to her car.

The following is the message that was left on her car: “A dream catcher on your mirror and an Israeli flag on the back of your car during a genocide, you’re a [expletive] word idiot and the reason humans suck. Reevaluate your entire existence.”

“I was emotionally distraught at first. It affected my mental capacity,” she explained. “Am I safe coming to this place or coming to this area?”

Pierce-Kelly said she believes that the items on her car should not be a reason for anyone to respond with hate. “If someone is that angry, upset, or frustrated about what’s going on in their life or in the world. I think they should not be putting hateful and unfriendly, unloving words on people’s private property. This is the first time in my 61 years of living on this Planet Earth that someone put a hateful sign on my car,” Pierce-Kelly said.

Sandy Springs Police are investigating this incident.

Source: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/fulton-county/woman-finds-antisemitic-note-her-car-while-leaving-sandy-springs-doctors-office/7U5OBH65EVEY3FH4CUU4XKTN6E/