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Actress Alyssa Milano Blasted for Targeting Israel on Twitter Over COVID-19 Stimulus

American actress Alyssa Milano was roasted by social media users Monday for a Twitter post that singled out Israel for receiving US aid.

Congress approved on Monday a nearly-$900 billion coronavirus aid package that includes $600 stimulus checks for Americans. Milano reacted harshly in a Twitter post, saying, “Between 30 and 40 million families are at risk of eviction, but Congress can only afford $600 per person. I’m sure the $500 MILLION in arms and military aid to Israel and the $2 BILLION for Air Force missiles will help keep them warm when they are on the streets.”


Milano’s comments followed a similar tweet by journalist Walker Bragman.

But as others pointed out the aid to Israel was part of a broader $1.4 trillion agreement to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year, not the COVID-19 relief bill. The spending agreement allocates foreign aid to a number of countries as part of the 2021 Defense Department budget, including $700 million to Sudan, $453 million to the Ukraine, and $1.3 billion to Egypt — almost three times the amount headed to Israel.

Ellie Cohanim, the US State Department’s deputy special envoy to combat antisemitism, took aim at Bragman’s original tweet which was amplified by antisemitic and white supremacist Twitter users.