Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Vandals Target Jewish-Owned Businesses in Connecticut

Hartford police are searching for three people who spray painted antisemitic messages around the city.

Crews spent Thursday power washing the graffiti.

“FREE GAZA” was spray painted on a sidewalk, and then “INTIFADA REVOLUTION” was spray painted on a building. Intifada refers to Palestinian uprisings. StopAntisemitism shared photos of the graffiti on Twitter.

The messages were found at four downtown locations: the Gold Building, the Travelers Building, the Wadsworth Museum, and on the corner of Prospect and Front streets.

One of the messages also called out Senator Richard Blumenthal, saying he supports genocide.

As Eyewitness News drove around Hartford Thursday, we also saw graffiti at a bus stop that read there’s blood on Chris Murphy’s hands.

Police are looking for three females. Officers aren’t sure if they’re adults or not.

They do have video, and said the women were all wearing dark clothing and face masks Wednesday night.

“Very very childish and they’re going to suffer when they get caught. If they get caught,” said Iman Moustafa of Hartford.

Police have not released the video yet.

Source: https://www.wfsb.com/2023/12/22/graffiti-found-multiple-buildings-hartford/