Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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California High School Students Facing Expulsion after Swastika Photo Goes Viral

After photos made rounds on social media allegedly showing students from Wheatland High School covered in Nazi symbols, students and parents are calling on the school district to act. 

The photo shows eight students, each with one or more Nazi symbols marked on their skin. ABC10 has blurred their faces because we have reason to believe the people featured in the photo are under 18 years old.

ABC10 doesn’t know much about the gathering where the photo was taken, just what is seen in it.

ABC10 reached out to Wheatland High School and the Wheatland Union High School District for a statement about the photo. In a press release, Superintendent Nicole Newman said it’s under investigation and that they can’t comment in detail about it.

One parent spoke to ABC10, but asked to be identified only by his first name out of concern for his daughter. Jose, the parent who spoke to ABC10, said his daughter doesn’t feel the school district has done enough about past instances of racism at school.

“She did mention that nothing is being done,” Jose said. “She’s tired of these same exact people getting away with things like this, so it kind of adds to the frustration.”

Newman did not answer ABC10’s questions about past incidents of racism or what the range of responses have been to the photo.