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Multiple Bomb Threats Sent to Synagogues in Georgia

The Roswell Police Department is currently looking into multiple bomb threats sent out to two synagogues Sunday morning.

In a Facebook post, officers stated “These threats are not unique to Roswell; identical threats have been sent to other synagogues throughout the Metro area.”

Thankfully, officers said that nothing suspicious was found at either Roswell location.

At this point, police have not specified which synagogues were precisely threatened.

Elsewhere in the post, Roswell PD stated “We will continue to collaborate with our partners to investigate these threats thoroughly and remain vigilant in ensuring the safety and security of all in our community.”

Source: https://www.11alive.com/article/news/local/bomb-threats-synagogues-roswell-police/85-ae7229ea-1104-4083-8f64-588903b8926e