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Harvard Probe Continues After Reports Surface of Events Excluding Jewish Students

Already battered by recent controversies about antisemitism on campus, Harvard University now faces another claim of hostility to Jews.

The conservative outlet The Blaze reported on Sunday that Harvard excluded Jewish students from its roster of “Affinity Celebrations for Graduates.”

“Affinity celebrations are student-led, staff-supported events that recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of graduates from historically marginalized communities,” Harvard previously explained on its website.

“These University-wide celebrations provide an opportunity for graduates to honor those who have helped them achieve their milestone while centering their cultural traditions and values.”

Unless those students happen to be Jews, apparently.

According to The Blaze, Harvard enthusiastically promoted “Affinity Celebrations,” which were arranged in collaboration with the school’s  Office for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, for “Black Graduates,” “Graduates with Disabilities,” “Indigenous Graduates,” “LGBTQ+ Graduates,” “Arab Graduates,” and “Latinx Graduates.”

Two groups are conspicuous by their absence: whites, and specifically white men, and Jews.

The Blaze noted that the website detailing “Affinity Celebrations” has been deleted.

Fox News, which also reported on the controversial program, noted that the website was last accessible on June 26.

But Harvard has been in damage-control mode since President Claudine Gay’s disastrous testimony before Congress earlier this month.

Gay declined to say whether antisemitic rhetoric on campus violated the school honor code, adding that such a violation depended on the “context” of the remarks.

In addition to deleting the website that dismissed Jews in the graduation events, the journalist Paul D. Thacker noted on X on Sunday, that Harvard has now revamped its DEI website to do away with language about anti-racist and inclusive initiatives and also “disappeared” the section discussing the use of “preferred pronouns.”

Source: https://www.tampafp.com/harvard-university-now-faces-another-claim-of-hostility-to-jews/