Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Pro-Israel Rally in New York Marred by Antisemitic Signs

In a shocking turn of events, the West Hempstead Jewish community found itself at the center of a disturbing incident during a community rally held at a local park in support of Israel. As residents gathered to celebrate unity and solidarity, the atmosphere was marred by the discovery of mock body bags and antisemitic signs strategically placed within the park.

The unsettling discovery took place while members of the West Hempstead Jewish community were participating in a pro Israel rally emphasizing the importance of togetherness and shared values. The event, intended to foster a sense of community and harmony, and peace but was instead tainted by the presence of hate.

Rapid response was initiated by the local chapter of the RNSP Shomrim. Working in collaboration with law enforcement, members of RNSP Shomrim swiftly arrived at the scene to investigate the unsettling incident.

Local law enforcement, including the Police Department, also responded promptly to the distressing situation. The collaborative efforts of RNSP Shomrim and the police aimed to ensure the safety of the community and swiftly address any potential threats.

Source: https://vinnews.com/2023/12/17/disturbing-incident-unfolds-as-west-hempstead-jewish-community-holds-rally-for-israel/