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Over 50 Buildings Vandalized in Washington with “Free Palestine” Graffiti

Police in Washington state are searching for the suspects involved in vandalizing over 50 buildings with calls for a “ceasefire” and “free Palestine.”  

According to a post on Facebook from the Edmonds Police Department, on Saturday morning, dozens of business owners in Edmonds reported being vandalized with calls to end the Israel-Hamas War painted in red on their windows.

“Overnight, multiple businesses downtown (several blocks near 5/Main) were tagged with posters and graffiti. The graffiti stated “free Palestine” or “cease fire”, police posted.

Police added that no threats were made to anyone or any groups. 

“I believe in freedom of speech and freedom to say what we think, and we care about in this life, but I don’t think that warrants moving in on someone else’s property,” Joan Archer, owner of Aria Studio Gallery, told Fox 13 Seattle

Archer added that someone wrote “End the occupation” on her business window.

FOX 13 News was able to secure surveillance video from another business owner which shows about five people, dressed in all black, walking down the street around 2 a.m.

The video is now in the possession of the Edmonds Police.

Officers are working to identify the suspects in the video and have not yet released any information on them. 

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/washington-state-community-vandalized-anti-israel-slogans-dozens-buildings-police