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Jewish Federation of Greater Nashville and Other Jewish Organizations, Victims of Email Threat

The Jewish Federation of Greater Nashville announced they, and other Jewish organizations, received an email threat on Sunday morning.

The nonprofit organization said they immediately reported the threat to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

“These threats are part of a national trend to harass and intimidate American Jews.” – Jewish Federation of Greater Nashville

The organization said it is working with MNPD and the Secure Community Network, and established contact with other local and statewide Jewish leadership to coordinate a response.

You can read the Jewish Federation’s full statement here.

MNPD said they were notified by the Congregation Micah in Brentwood of the threat and officers were dispatched to investigate. No services were being held at the synagogue at the time and the building was cleared.

“Any Jewish kid in America knows what a bomb threat is,” Serith Israel’s Rabbi Saul Strosberg said.

He says unfortunately this is just the latest in a long list of threats aimed at the Jewish community in Nashville.

“Everything’s stepped up, but we were already in a pretty serious, serious way,” Strosberg said.

Years ago his synagogue decided to hire a private security team, so they were confident in continuing with their regular programming today, but many in Nashville did not.

“To be cautious is a smart thing to do. Even though they’re 99% sure, and even though Metro may have swept the building, as an additional measure – just cancel,” Strosberg said.

In 1958 a Jewish Community Center was bombed in Nashville – it’s an event that weighs on Strosberg.

“It still could happen anytime, anywhere. We should be concerned anytime anybody’s safety is at stake,’ Strosberg said.

Israel has been embroiled with Palestinian militants since October 7 when multiple Islamic military groups launched a coordinated attack on Gaza, killing hundreds and taking more than 130 hostages.

There has been an increase in antisemitic rhetoric since the conflict.

Source: https://www.wsmv.com/2023/12/17/nashville-jewish-organization-reports-email-threat/