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New Jersey Woman Dubbed “Soup Nazi” After Throwing Hot Soup During AntiSemitic Incident In NYC

A woman whose video went viral after she flipped off concerned New York restaurant workers who were upset over her tearing down an Israeli/U.S. flag. The incident happened at Hummus Kitchen, where this real-life “Soup Nazi” became angered after she realized she was caught on video.

She returned to the scene of the crime where she threw a cup of hot soup at the workers and flipped off workers in the store.

On Twitter, she is now being referred to as “The Soup Nazi” by concerned Jewish residents.

She was later identified as Mayra Teke, of Paterson, New Jersey by “StopAntiSemitism”, a page operating on Twitter that calls out random acts of antisemitism.

The incident was reported to the New York City Police Department. It is not known at this time if any charges have been filed over the incident.