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Multiple Bomb Threats Called into Jewish Temples in Mississippi

Bomb threats were called into Jewish temples Thursday morning, Dec. 14 in Columbus and Tupelo.

At 9:18, the City of Columbus reported a bomb threat at the Temple B’nai Israel on Second Avenue North.

Police combed the area and found nothing, according to city spokesman Joe Dillon. Outside traffic is back to normal.

Something similar happened at the Temple B’Nai Israel on Marshall Street in Tupelo. Tupelo Police Chief John Quaka said officers swept the temple and found no threat.

Threats were also called into multiple airports across the country, including the Tupelo Regional Airport. It’s unclear if the temple threats and airport threats are somehow connected.

Source: https://www.wtva.com/news/local/police-bomb-threat-reported-at-jewish-temple-in-columbus/article_e187cf54-9a97-11ee-92d8-ab442409f512.html