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Multiple Arrests Made Across Europe Linked to a Hamas Terrorist Cell

Leaders and law enforcement officials in Israel, Denmark and Germany are expressing alarm after arresting multiple individuals across Europe allegedly linked to a Hamas-affiliated terrorist cell. 

The Office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — in conjunction with German and Danish law enforcement — revealed Thursday the details of an operation that arrested multiple individuals in Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands accused of plotting terrorist attacks.

“Thanks to an intensive and comprehensive intelligence investigation, today Denmark security and enforcements [sic] arrested 7 terrorist operatives acting on behalf of the terrorist organization Hamas, and thwarted an attack aimed at killing innocent citizens on European soil,” the prime minister’s office said in a statement.

It continued, “In recent years, and even more so after the murderous attack on October 7, Hamas strives to expand its operational capabilities around the world — and in Europe in particular — in order to realize its ambitions to hit Israeli, Jewish and Western targets at any cost.”

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen previously told the press that police in Denmark had arrested several people allegedly linked to an “extremely serious” terrorist plot.

“It is absolutely true when both (Denmark’s intelligence agencies) say that there is a high risk in Denmark,” Frederiksen continued. 

Denmark’s national terror threat level was raised to four — the second-highest classification.

German officials reported Thursday the arrest of three Hamas members within their own borders and one in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The individuals arrested by police in Berlin, Germany, were identified as Abdelhamid Al A and Ibrahim El-R from Lebanon, as well as Mohamed B from Egypt. Only the first letter of suspects’ last names are provided, in accordance with German law.

“Following the terrible attacks by Hamas on the Israeli population, attacks on Jews in Jewish institutions have also increased in our country in recent weeks,” German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said of the arrests. 

He added, “We must therefore do everything we can to ensure that Jews in our country do not have to fear for their safety again.”

The Dutch national arrested by German police was identified as Nazih R and allegedly linked with the terrorist cell in Berlin.

A comprehensive report integrating the individual findings of all governments involved in the operations has not yet been released. 

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/world/israel-denmark-germany-arrest-alleged-hamas-terrorists-network-crossing-european-borders