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Long Island Jewish School’s Website Hacked with Nazi Images, Slurs

Antisemitic images, slurs and songs were posted on the website of a Jewish school in Long Island on Monday in an apparent hack, video shows. The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School’s homepage was splattered with a Swastika and clip of marching Nazi SS guards, according to the footage posted on Twitter.

More Nazi imagery was also posted on the “About Us” page, which was hacked to read “The k–e race.”

“North Shore Hebrew Death Camp,” another page read.

The non-profit foundation StopAntisemitism.org — which shared the video on Twitter –said that the personal information of students and teachers at the Great Neck school were also leaked in the cyber-breach.

“A Hebrew Academy in Great Neck (Long Island), NY is being hacked!,” the post read.

“Nazi songs, imagery, messages continue to be posted. They have also leaked students’ and teachers’ addresses and credit card information.”

A picture of Adolf Hitler was also posted on a page that called the school the “North Shore Concentration Camp.”

Another page included details of a “field trip” to Auschwitz, that listed the application deadline as “January 1945” and said students would have to “walk into an SS office and declare themselves as Jews.”

By late Monday afternoon, the school’s site read: “Under construction. Please check back soon.”

Headmaster Daniel Vitow told The Post that “We are aware of the situation and are actively working with law enforcement.”

Nassau County Police confirmed they are investigating the incident but didn’t immediately have additional information.

Liora Rez, Director of StopAntisemitism.org, said the organization was alerted about the breach shortly after 4 p.m. and that it lasted a few hours. “We are horrified that hackers have targeted a Jewish school and exposed children to horrific Nazi imagery and messages,” Rez said.

“Many of these teens are descendants of Holocaust survivors and generational trauma is often triggered when events like these occur.”