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Michigan Republican Representative’s Office Vandalized With Antisemitic Sign

An antisemitic sign was hung outside the office of an outspoken pro-Israel congressman from Michigan.

Michigan Republican Rep. Tim Walberg, a former Christian pastor, issued a news release on Monday saying an antisemitic sign had been posted on a tree outside his office window.

The sign depicted Uncle Sam removing his American stovepipe hat to reveal a kippah – or yarmulke – with a Star of David underneath reading “Jew u$ury buy$ USA pols” (sic).

“Our once great nation’s downfall,” the sign continues over a U.S. flag with the stars replaced by the Israeli flag. “Solution: name the Jew.”

The antisemitic sign also included a link to a conspiracy website.

Walberg’s spokesperson told Fox News Digital that the antisemitic sign was hung on a tree on the sidewalk in front of the office.

The congressman’s staff was able to take pictures of the tree through their office window.

In a news release, Walberg said that antisemitism “continues to sweep across the world, and sadly, it is alive in Michigan.”

“This crisis reflects a lack of morality and genuine education,” Walberg said. “Nowhere was this more clear than last week, when some of the most prominent names in academia’s leadership displayed utter moral cowardice but also a broader systemic failure in higher education.”

“One in five young Americans now think the Holocaust was a myth, and significantly more think it’s been exaggerated,” he continued. “Unfortunately, in part due to a failure of truthful and honest education, this type of incident has become common.”

“We need to make it rare again,” the Michigan Republican added. “We need to not only call out this bigotry when it occurs but examine the root causes and eliminate it.”

This is not the first time Walberg’s office has been hit with anti-Israel vandalism.

Walberg’s office revealed in October that his “I stand with Israel” sign was defaced, with the congressman declaring, “Antisemitism has run rampant across the country.”

“This is yet another despicable act which should not be tolerated,” the former pastor said in a press release.

“At a time like this, we must think of our Jewish community members, including those on my staff, who are enduring this targeted behavior and harassment following the largest attack on Jews since the Holocaust,” he continued.

Walberg’s office told Fox News Digital the sign had been put up earlier this week, and that the congressman had tweeted about standing with Israel after the country was attacked by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, sparking a war.

The Michigan Republican’s office said the congressman employs Jewish staff members and believes the vandalism is unacceptable.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/antisemitic-sign-hung-outside-michigan-republican-congressmans-district-office