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Second Swastika Graffiti Found at Worcester State University

A second incident involving swastikas scrawled on the third floor men’s restroom door at Worcester State University’s Learning Resource Center was reported Monday. The graffiti and type of pen markings were identical to the swastikas discovered and removed by facility staff on Friday.

State police have been called in to assist with the investigation, according to Maureen O. Stokes, assistant vice president for communications and marketing.

Stokes sent an email to WSU students Monday night, which read in part:

“Worcester State University does not condone offensive symbols, language or artifacts that disparage or target any individual, protected group or diverse segments of our population. The University strives to create a welcoming, inclusive learning environment where all students, staff, faculty and members of our community – regardless of background – can thrive. As a result of these incidents that occurred on our campus, the University is planning programming for students, staff and faculty for early spring, 2020 semester.

“Students in need of support may contact the Counseling Center at 508-929-8072. Employees who have been affected by this incident are welcome to contact our Employee Assistance Program, Mass4You, at 1-844-263-1982 for confidential assistance. They may also contact the EAP online at www.liveandworkwell.com and use mass4you as the access code.

“Anyone that may have information pertaining to this incident should contact University Police at 508-929-8911.”

Stokes said in an interview that campus reaction hasn’t changed much since the first incident. “If anything, I’m getting, ‘how horrific it is,’ and ‘I can’t believe this is happening,’” she said.

Source: https://www.telegram.com/news/20191211/second-swastika-graffiti-found-at-worcester-state-university