Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Publix Supermarket Does Nothing as Customer Goes on Antisemitic Rampage Inside Boca Raton Store

Joseph Scandiffio, Jr., the man who allegedly screamed antisemitic slurs at Jewish shoppers in the Publix at the Reserve Shopping Center in West Boca Raton Wednesday has a history with the Palm Beach County legal system and a Facebook page full of conspiracy theories commentary.

Joseph Scandiffio, Jr., was NOT charged in the Publix incident. Police say it’s a freedom of speech issue. However, public documents reveal a history of interaction with the justice system in Palm Beach County.

Scandiffio was arrested in 2006 for battery on a person 65 years of age or older, and again in 2007 for failing to appear in court. The clerk’s filing system shows neither case was ultimately prosecuted.

But In 2011, Scandiffio was convicted of criminal mischief after a victim says he was nearly run down by Scandiffio in the parking lot at Home Depot near Glades and 441. According to a police report, Scandiffio — after nearly hitting the man — yelled, “f–k off you old fart,” then followed the victim to his truck and “began hitting the passenger side window 3-4 times with his fist. He then hit the front windshield with a cane.” Scandiffio was placed on probation and ordered to complete an anger management class.

In 2015, Scandiffio was charged with retail theft for stealing flip flops from Saks Off Fifth in Boca Raton. Prosecutors did not pursue the case.

On Wednesday, shoppers at the Publix at 9720 Clint Moore Road say Scandiffio screamed at shoppers purchasing Hanukkah products that “he wished Hitler had killed 6 million more Jews,” according to a police report reviewed by BocaNewsNow.com. “He stated (to a woman) that she was a dirty Jew and a horrible Kike.”

Deputies met with Scandiffio at his residence in the 9090 block of Flynn Circle in Boca Raton, where “he stated (a woman) called him a Nazi and he stated he possibly called her a cu-t. He stated he was in the dairy area mumbling to himself about the milk prices.”

Police tell BocaNewsNow.com that while not ideal, Scandiffio was exercising his freedom of speech if he in fact said what he is accused of saying.

Several witnesses contacting BocaNewsNow.com say they are frustrated with Publix management which they say did nothing as the incident occurred. A Publix spokeswoman issued this statement to BocaNewsNow.com:

“The store was made aware of the issue and the manager in charge reached out to local law enforcement. Upon law enforcement’s arrival, it became an issue for them to handle.”

However, 911 reports reviewed by BocaNewsNow.com show it was the victims who called police, not Publix.

Scandiffio was NOT charged in the Publix incident.