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Antisemitic Mob Shows Up for Biden Fundraiser, Vandalizes Jewish Neighborhood

It was like a scene in downtown Tehran orchestrated by Iran’s ruling mullahs, one of those “spontaneous” protests in Ramallah on the West Bank, or from 1938 Germany as the Nazis whipped up antisemitic hate in preparation for Kristallnacht — and worse.

But it was modern-day Los Angeles on Friday night, the second night of Hanukkah, when a mob marched through a largely Jewish neighborhood chanting death threats to Jews.

According to StopAntisemitism, the mob also defaced several buildings, including synagogues. 

People who still rely on the mainstream media for their news missed scenes like these.

Remember, comrades — no peaceful protest is complete without at least a little property damage.

The mainstream media was largely silent on the mob and its death threats. FoxLA 11 reported it as part of its story on Presidentish Joe Biden’s fundraising sweep through Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Daily News gave it a brief mention way down in the 16th paragraph of a similar report on Biden’s trip.

To be fair, a similar mob of between 1,200 and 1,500 people showed up at Biden’s Holmby Hills fundraiser with chants of “Free Gaza” and “Ceasefire now.” They even accused Biden and his donors of supporting Israeli “genocide” against Gaza Arabs. There were about 1.5 million Muslim Arabs in the Gaza Strip when Israel unilaterally left the region in 2005. There are more than 2 million there today, and Gaza women have one of the highest fertility rates in the world.

Some genocide, eh?

“Literally, I believe, the future of American democracy is at stake,” Biden said during his fundraising speech in reference to Donald Trump. “We will be one of those generations that can say, ‘We saved democracy.”‘

That he said all that while a Nazi-like mob chanted outside is an irony too rich for fiction — it’s an absurdity that could only happen in reality. 

LAPD declared an “unlawful assembly” around 5:45 p.m. About an hour later, according to the L.A. Times, the crowd began to move out from the park and disperse elsewhere. Apparently, it was a part of that crowd that moved on to Wilshire to threaten local Jews and “tag” buildings with graffiti. 

Lieu is reliably wrong pretty much all the time (and twice as often on Twitter/X), so seeing him obliquely calling out “Squad” members of his own party was heartening. 

The LAPD said on Saturday that they were “aware of the acts of vandalism that occurred in the Westwood area last night by protestors who marched from an earlier demonstration. The graffiti is being removed today and crime reports have been taken,” but “the Department was unable to immediately identify the individuals responsible.”

The investigation continues.