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Jewish Watchdog Organization Identifies NY Politician Behind Violent Antisemitic Hate Crime

Yet another hater has been outed on social media, with the finger of blame pointed this time at a serial candidate for public office in a November 18th incident.

StopAntisemitism, a non-partisan organization that has been leading the charge on social media to hold perpetrators responsible for targeting Jews, named Brooklyn resident Skiboky Stora in a verbal tirade that took place inside a Union Square apartment building. A 19 second video clip shows three people entering the building, with one asking the concierge to lock the front door just before a combative Stora walks into the lobby accompanied by a leashed dog.

“Where you running to white boy?” thundered Stora, mumbling something unintelligible as he followed the residents.

“You’re gonna die! Die Jews, die! White [obscenity],” added Stora, his dog unable to keep up as they left the building, his paws slipping on the floor.

According to a December 8th Twitter post by StopAntisemitism, residents of the building reprimanded Stora for removing pictures of Israeli hostages that were attached to a Manhattan streetlight, triggering the angry outburst.

Reactions to StopAntisemitism’s post showed little sympathy for Stora and called for the NYPD to take action.

“That is quite literally hate speech, harassment, and a death threat,” tweeted AlliGee. “That is punishable by law.”

“Well, he’s on camera for the police to arrest him for hate crimes,” tweeted Jesse Houghton, MD, FACG. “Let’s see if they do.”

Another tagged a high ranking public official and read “Hey @MarkLevinNYC is this your borough?”

Stora is no stranger to the spotlight. His Twitter feed contains multiple videos alleging systemic racism in the United States, and he appears shirtless in many of them. It also includes references to a failed gubernatorial run, with Stora posting in May 2022, “Damn racist Republicans remove my name Skiboky Stora off the ballot when they found that I’m Black and Poor.” Stora’s 2021 mayoral bid was short lived and, according to Ballotpedia, he was disqualified from a run to represent District 9 in the City Council in the most recent general election.

Stora claims to be the great grandson of Marcus Garvey, described in the National Archives as a controversial civil rights activist. In addition to believing in racial separatism, Garvey met with the Ku Klux Klan and was jailed on mail fraud charges before ultimately being deported to his native Jamaica.

Source: https://vinnews.com/2023/12/10/calls-for-the-nypd-to-take-action-after-political-hopeful-identified-in-death-threats-targeting-jews/