Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Illinois Intruders Target Home in Violent Antisemitic Attack

A neighborhood was disrupted on December 8th when an unsettling hate-driven incident unfolded. 

According to police reports it happened at approximately 8:00 PM, in the 400 Block of Elm Street, when two unidentified individuals targeted a residence in a brazen act of aggression. Witnesses report that the suspects forcefully kicked the front door of the house, causing alarm among residents. The situation took a darker turn when one of the suspects made an antisemitic statement before fleeing the scene.

The Glen Ellyn Police Department, under the guidance of Deputy Chief Kurt Vavra, responded promptly but the suspects had already vanished. This incident has sparked a heightened sense of urgency within the community, with police intensifying their investigation. The department is calling on residents to assist in the search by examining their security camera footage and reporting any relevant information.

Police urge everyone to be vigilant and proactive in reporting suspicious activities, as the community stands united against such acts of hatred and intolerance.

Source: https://www.countryherald.com/illinois/dupage-illinois/glen-ellyn-in-shock-door-kicking-hate-incident-alarms-local-community/#google_vignette