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Passengers on a South West Flight Wear “White Power”, “Kanye Was Right” Burger King Crowns

Two passengers has been spotted on a flight wearing Burger King crowns with antisemitic wording written across them.

Twitter user @ScienceStajner posted a picture of two people sitting in front of her on a Southwest Airlines flight on December 6. “Didn’t realise this behaviour was permitted as part of the @SouthwestAir experience,” the tweet begins.

The woman, called Anya, continues: “These 2 also had sentiments such as ‘6 million wasn’t enough’ and tons of swastikas plastered on their make shift ‘crowns’.”

Approximately six million Jewish people were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust under the Nazi regime.

“Free speech, I get it, but also tell me how this isn’t mildly threatening,” Anya finishes.

Within the tweet is an image which appears to be taken from behind a pair of seated passengers. It shows the two people spoken about wearing Burger King crowns with handwritten antisemitic wording scrawled on.

The antisemitic and racist words seen include one crown saying “white power”. The other crown reads “Ye is right” in an apparent reference to Kanye West, who has recently made a series of antisemitic remarks.

West made an appearance on right-wing talk show, Infowars on Thursday 1 December, where host Alex Jones tried to defend the rapper from recent backlash, saying to him: “You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi, so you don’t deserve to be demonised.”

In response, West replied: “Well, I see good things about Hitler also.” The rapper was also heard saying, “I like Hitler”.

Southwest Airline’s Twitter account replied to @ScienceStajner’s tweet, saying: “We’re sorry if another passenger’s attire was in poor taste. We do encourage you to reach out to a flight attendant on board if you feel the need,” the response continues, before adding: “Allow me to advise that Southwest operates under a flag of many colors, and we appreciate your feedback.”